We spend a lot of time on the job. We have electrical FAQS every day from our customers. We’ve included below some of the most common questions that we receive on a regular basis from our Perth Clients.

Q. I have heard that I need to install safety switches and smoke alarms in my house, is this correct?

A. Yes. The state government has introduced new regulations stating that all Perth homes sold or renewing a lease agreement, must have 2 safety switches and 2 hard wired smoke alarms installed by a licenced electrician or electrical contractor. You may need more than 2 safety switches depending on the amount of circuits in your home.

Q. I already have a safety switch on my power and battery smoke alarms. Do I still need to get this work done?

A. Yes. Battery operated smoke alarms are no longer legal in Perth and must be replaced with 240v mains wired type alarms by your electrician. You must also have a safety switch fitted to your lighting circuits. This is a requirement in the state of Western Australia that these electrical regulations are met. We can check these with a free No obligation quote.

Q. I have circuit breakers installed in my switchboard already. Do I still need electrical safety switches?

A. Yes. A circuit breaker is designed to protect the cables and accessories installed in your premises only. A safety switch is designed to protect you, your family and employees. However, electrical safety switches do not protect under all circumstances. Your licenced electrican can install one of these for you.

Q. I have some electrical equipment I have installed myself, could you come around and certify it for me?

A. No. Unlike some other countries, Australia does not allow electrical work to be carried out by unlicensed persons at all. All work must be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor or their licensed electrical representative.

Q. My safety switch has tripped off and I cannot reset it. What can I do?


Step 1: Turn OFF the Main Switch, turn the safety switch ON (it should stay on) then turn the Main Switch ON. If safety switch trips OFF proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: UNPLUG all appliances in your home. That is everything with a plug that is plugged into a power point should be removed from the power point. It’s not enough to just turn OFF at the power point. Remember appliances which are plugged in at discrete locations such as dishwashers, microwaves, range hoods, gas hot-plates etc.

Step 3: Turn safety switch ON. If safety switch still trips proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: Turn OFF the Main Switch. Switch all circuit breakers OFF or REMOVE all fuses. Turn the safety switch ON (it should stay on) then turn the Main Switch ON. (Safety switch should still be ON).

Step 5: One at a time carefully INSERT fuses or turn circuit breakers ON. When the safety switch trips REMOVE that fuse or turn that particular circuit breaker OFF. Continue to carefully INSERT remaining fuses/turn circuit breakers ON one at a time. You should have 1 circuit which is OFF. This will allow you to have partial power
until your electrician can turn up. With the circuit that is OFF, double check all appliances have been REMOVED from the power point.

Step 6: Pick up the phone and give us a call. We will fix the problem ASAP.

Q.My smoke alarm is beeping. What can I do?

A. In most cases all you ned to do is replace the battery. Battery only alarms can usually be hushed by replacing the battery (usually a 9 volt battery). The alarm should clip (either with a twist or a slide) into a bracket which is secured to the ceiling.

A mains powered smoke alarm will still have a battery (usually 9 volt) backup in built. Again the alarm should clip (either with a twist or a slide) into a bracket which is secured to the ceiling. You should be able to identify the battery’s location and if safe to do so you can replace the battery.

It is wise to isolate the power to the smoke alarm before coming in contact with any 240 volt areas of the alarm. If problems persist check the date of manufacture on your alarm. Alarms have a life span of around 10 years.

Q. What are some easy ways I can save money on my electricity usage around my home?

A. Change all your light fittings to LED would be the highest saving on your Electricity usage.

Cleaning is a big thing. Regularly remove the dust from heaters, air conditioners, exhaust fans, ceiling fans etc. this will improve the efficiency with which the motor/appliance will operate. In short, it will use less electricity to produce it’s desired result.

Then there’s the more common information which you’ve probably heard before like, turn appliances OFF at the wall socket, set up lights onto timers or sensors so they are not always left ON, put the energy saving globes in lights where you can, close doors and windows when you are trying to heat and open them when you are trying to cool.

Regularly have your wiring & appliances checked by a licensed Electrician – we can do that for you.

Q. Can you help with ADSL internet problems?

A. We can help if there is a problem with the telephone cabling within your premesis. We cannot help with the telephone lead in cable that belongs to the network operator.

First you need to check there is a dial tone on the line. Simply plug a telephone into the telephone socket (the one that the ADSL modem plugs into).

If you get a dial tone, there is no more we can do, you need to speak with your internet service provider or a computer person. We recommend Devhouse Studios. You can call them on 1300 85 20 85.

If there is no dial tone when you plug the telephone in, check with your telephone service provider to see if there are any faults with your incoming line. If there are no faults then yes we can look at your telephone cabling and outlets, otherwise your service provider will need to help you.

Q. Are down lights energy saving?

A. No. LED fittings are a must. They are now available in most types of fittings we will readily do a No obligation free quote for you.

Q. Why do I need a Licensed Electrician?

A. For your own safety & protection. If anything goes wrong you have no comeback with an unlicensed Electrician.

 Q. How much is a Quote?

A. All quotes are free with No obligation to you.

Q. Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

A. Yes we do.

Q. What are your hours of work?

A. We work 7-4pm weekdays and any hours outside that will be charged accordingly.

Q. Can we pay on the day?

 A. Yes you can, we now have the facilities to pay with debit or credit cards with our MYOB on the Go payment  system.