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Split system air conditioner installation Armadale



Do you you need a new system to maintain a comfortable climate in your home or business? Then you have come to the right place. Direct Electrics, provide professional split system air conditioner installation Armadale also Perth, Rockingham, Fremantle, plus many more suburbs, all at a very competitive price, we can also offer your comprehensive service to the unit whenever required.
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Split System Air Conditioner Installation Armadale

Investing in split system air conditioning can make a noticeable difference to the internal temperature of your home. But to get the kind of split system air conditioning Armadale properties need, it’s wise to consult the experts.

At Direct Electrics, we’ve been recommending and fitting the best split system air conditioning Armadale has available for over 30 years, so you can trust us to always install the best system for you.

You’ll not only find that we offer some of the leading brands of air conditioners on the market but that our prices are very competitive too. Plus, we also throw in a good dose of good old-fashioned customer service for free.

We install the best split system air conditioner Armadale-wide and beyond

Based in Armadale itself, we’re local aircon installers who really care about doing a good job. We can supply and fit one of our systems wherever you happen to be in Armadale or in the surrounding suburbs.

And, even if you’ve been elsewhere to purchase a split system air conditioner, Armadale property owners will be happy to know that we also offer an installation only service.

So, whether you live in Armadale, Cockburn, Fremantle, Rockingham or Byford, call us now for a FREE no obligation assessment and quote, and let us get your temperature back to normal.

FREE assessments and quotes for split system air conditioner installation in Armadale

To ensure that you get the best system for your property we always offer a free assessment followed up with a quote.

At present we offer systems from leading brands such as Haier, Fujitsu, Panasonic and Mitsubishi, so that you’re guaranteed the kind of quality reverse cycle air conditioning Armadale properties need to keep them at a comfortable temperature during the hottest months.

All our supply and installation packages are extremely competitive and are delivered with a high level of workmanship in a friendly but professional manner. We’re quick and efficient and we even clean up after ourselves when our work is done.

That’s why we’re the company for split system air conditioner installation Armadale residents prefer, and why we’ve got so many recommendations and repeat customers.

Contact Direct Electrics now for your FREE assessment and quote

If you’d like a free assessment and quote for split system air conditioner installation in Armadale, simply give us a call on (08) 9498 0666. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form to arrange an appointment.

All our air conditioning units are fitted and tested to ARC standards and we accept payment on the day of installation via the MYOB on the go payment system.

We’re also available for aircon servicing in Armadale and beyond, so if you already have an aircon system don’t leave it until the temperatures rise before you book your next service.

Get better value on your air conditioning installation in Armadale by calling Direct Electrics on (08) 9498 0666. We are your local experts on everything electrical, and especially air conditioning.

For more than 25 years we have been installing air conditioning in Armadale, and from that extensive experience, our knowledge of the various systems on the market and their advantages or disadvantages is unsurpassed.

That is what has helped us to become the best known name in Armadale air conditioning, and why we are the most trusted air conditioner installers in Armadale.

Top Brands at Best Prices Around Armadale

We are able to provide best value deals on many of the top brand names, including Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Haier, Panasonic, and many other well known brands. Fully installed and tested systems start from around $1200 for a 2.5kW system.

For most domestic applications, a 2.5kW unit should be sufficient. For larger rooms or for corporate locations, more powerful units may be necessary. This matters because units with lower maximum power consumption cost less to run, but if you buy a system that is too small to meet the needs of the room it is installed in, you will be wasting money to run it at all.

Air Conditioning is a Necessity

It simply isn’t possible to live in Armadale without air conditioning. From December to March, temperatures frequently get to over 30 degrees, where most people start to feel uncomfortable at any temperature over 27 degrees.

Why Your Home Heats up so Much in Summer

What many people don’t realize is that if the outside temperature is 30 degrees, the temperature inside your home could be a lot higher.

All those windows around your home act like mini radiators. For hour upon hour, high intensity UV rays are hitting that glass and heating it up. When it comes to energy, nature always wants things to be in balance, so the high heat energy stored in the glass is transferred to the cooler air inside your home, and it just keeps heating more and more until the Sun has stopped shining on it.

At night, the opposite happens. Heat energy inside your home gets transferred by the glass in your windows to the cooler night air outside.

The Two Defences Against High Inside Temperatures

There are only two defences against this domestic greenhouse effect. The first is to use heavy curtains or drapes. This will be only partly effective because the air between the window and the curtain still heats up, so some hot air will still get into the room.

However the curtain material will absorb some of the heat from the glass, and because it is a poor conductor it will transfer that heat more slowly. It will be most effective if the material facing the window is pure white and the material facing the inside of the room is pure black.

This makes the window-facing side reflect light back to the outside, while the black fabric absorbs and blocks most of the UV light trying to enter the room from the outside. All of this only works if the curtain material is thick enough to create an insulating effect.

The second logical defence against excess heat is to use air conditioning. This exchanges hot air inside a room for cold air, using the exact same principle the glass uses for transferring heat into the room. Using both of these defences together in combination will result in the best cooling and maximum energy efficiency.

Direct Electrics Are Here to Help Around Armadale

We can help you make the right choices, so your home can have a liveable environment all year round. Contact Direct Electrics about your air conditioner installation in Armadale today.

Our friendly team will be happy to give you any information you need to help you make informed decisions, and we can give you an obligation-free quote. We can’t be beaten for price or quality of service, so call us now and take the first step toward a more comfortable life for your family.

Shopping Around For a Split System Air Conditioner in Armadale?

When you are shopping around for a split system air conditioner in Armadale, you will find the best value and service at Direct Electrics, your local experts in installing these types of systems.

We have over 25 years of experience in this business, and have become well known to customers throughout the greater Perth area for providing excellent quality in our product range and our installations.

In particular you should take advantage of our obligation free advice and quote service, as we can recommend for you the best split system air conditioner for your Armadale home.

We Are Experts When it Comes to Split System Air Conditioner Installation in Armadale

Nobody knows more about the local conditions and the specific air conditioning systems that will prove best for efficiency and performance in these conditions. Buying your air conditioning system and installation from Direct Electrics will save you a lot of money and hassle.

During the long time we have been performing split system air conditioner installation in Armadale, we have developed high level knowledge and skills that allow us to install exactly the right systems to meet your needs and we can do it quickly, efficiently, and safely.

On the subject of safety and efficiency, it is worth noting that all air conditioner installation in Australia must be carried out by licensed and qualified electricians, and further more it is required for those tradesmen to also be licensed by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).

This is important for many reasons. Number one among those reasons is, of course, the safety of your household and family. Another reason is that it’s the only legal option. And yet another reason is because doing anything else could result in the voiding of your home insurance.

Regardless of who you actually choose for installing your split system air conditioning in Armadale, you should request to see their electrician’s license and their ARC licence as well. Then also check they have the appropriate insurance themselves before they commence any work.

Cutting corners isn’t necessary, however, because ordering your air conditioning and installation from Direct Electrics is the best way to ensure you are getting genuine value at the best price for the best products.

We also recommend to consider reverse cycle air conditioning for Armadale, because the climate of Armadale is ideal for getting maximum efficiency from this type of air conditioner and it offers many advantages.

The difference in cost between a regular split system air conditioner and a reverse cycle air conditioner is not really that much, and for what you pay it delivers so much. You get a system that provides top quality cooling, but also delivers energy efficient heating when you need it.

For more obligation-free advice about air conditioning, including the best split system air conditioning for Armadale, call Direct Electrics on (08) 9498 0666.

Direct Electrics are your local Perth air conditioning company that specialises in split system air conditioner installation as well as reverse cycle air conditioning services. We can assist with split system air conditioner installation in Armadale, Canning Vale, Harrisdale & Hilbert.

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Haier 2.5 kW from $1200 Supply & Install
Fujitsu 2.5 kW from $1500 Supply & Install
Panasonic 2.5 kW from $1500 Supply & Install
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2.5 KW from $1500 Supply & Install
Other sizes and prices available on request.

Above prices are for standard back to back installation and are subject to site inspection.
All payments are required on the day of installation.  
(Conditions Apply)

    • Units installed & tested to ARC standard
    • Free No obligation expert advice & quotes
    • Installation and servicing of your air conditioner

Why Choose Us?

At Direct Electrics we achieve our high standard of work and minimise hassle by not cutting corners, using the best quality materials and great workmanship. Direct Electrics treat each installation as if it is in their own home. With our reverse cycle split system air conditioning installation in your Armadale, Fremantle or Perth home, you can stay warm through the chill of winter and cool through the blistering heat of summer.

We also install Owner purchased air conditioners

We will supply and install your system – hassle free.

Not sure which size you need?
We offer free assessment and home quotes for suburbs around Perth,
Armadale, Byford, Cockburn, Serpentine, Bedfordale, Fremantle, Cannington, Gosnells & more…

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To get free advice and a no obligation quote on any of our installation and maintenance services, leave your details in the form on the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, give Direct Electrics a call on (08) 9498 0666 to speak with us directly and we will be more than happy to help.

split system air conditioners installation armadalesplit system air conditioners installation armadale

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